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Running a business is difficult in the best of scenarios. When you throw in legal challenges, it can seem downright impossible to run your business at the same time. Lexero Law Firm has years of experience helping a variety of types of businesses—including web-based companies—through a wide-range of legal issues, including civil litigation, trademark law, and copyright law.

Civil Litigation 

Protecting your business often means going on the offensive against those who have tried to harm it in some way. We will work with you to strategize the best legal approach to your problem—especially if that means bringing a lawsuit against business competitors, former partners, vendors, and even customers when necessary. Moreover, Lexero has substantial experience defending clients against civil claims in state and federal courts. Our team will work directly with you to come up with the best approach to any type of litigation.

Trademark Law

We protect your trademarks by making sure they are filed correctly through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, by searching for potential violations, by defending against any trademark oppositions or cancellations, and anything else necessary to protect your brand. Our experience in this important area of law is vast and varied. Let our experience go to work for you and your business.

Copyright Law

Copyrights protect all of your business’s original works, including reports and research generated by your business. Let us take steps to ensure all of your works are protected now, as well as any future intellectual property in the future. We can handle all of the copyright law issues for your business so you can focus on more important things.

Lexero Law Firm has many practice areas of expertise including…
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