Privacy Matters

Privacy Violations: An attorney at Lexero can assist you with issues of identity theft and other privacy violations, based on state law, federal law, or common law.

Communications Decency Act: The Communications Decency Act, or CDA for short, is often seen in online actions as seeking to protect those who simply allow access to certain content as long as the provider did not “create” the content at issue. “CDA Immunity” has become a substantial barrier to those who seek to protect themselves from people who post defamatory content about others online.

Defamation: The rise of personal websites and blogs has led to continued concerns about acts of defamation. If your good character is being slandered or libeled online CyberLaw can help you enforce your rights. Your right to be free of disparagement and smear-jobs is taken seriously by the firm.

Cyberbullying: A growing problem is the practice of “cyberbullying.” A cyberbully is one who harrasses a person, usually a student or other school age individual, by spreading rumors, intimidating via technology or similar actions. You may have legal rights in cyberbullying cases.¬†Contact the firm¬†for more information.