Copyright Litigation

Copyright Litigation Attorney

Protect what you’ve created – if someone intentionally or unintentionally stole your copyrighted materials, you have the right to seek damages and prevent anyone else from using these materials.

What is Protected Under Copyright Law?

Under U.S. Copyright Law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, materials such as computer software, written materials authored by you, music, and other materials are protected from unauthorized use by another individual or company.

Protect these materials by applying for copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. In the event of copyright infringement, you will be able to pursue adequate legal action to stop your materials from continued misuse.

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The Copyright Litigation Process

Filing a complaint with the court is the first step in the copyright litigation process. The defendant (person accused of copyright infringement) will have 21 days to respond to the complaint. The defendant can choose to answer the complaint outlining steps taken to resolve the issue or file a motion to dismiss.

From there, an investigation into possible copyright infringement starts. This is also known as the discovery phase. It will be up to you and your attorney to determine if, under the law, copyright infringement took place and in what way the defendant sought to copy your property.

An attorney experienced in copyright law can determine if the defendant is using materials that infringe on your rights and will be able to build a case for how the infringement took place.

After building your case, a trial or judgment for settlement will be made.

Copyright Damages

Damages associated with copyright infringement may include payment of attorney’s fees, all or a portion of profits earned from using copyrighted materials to promote goods and services, and a permanent injunction to stop using the copyrighted materials immediately.

The Lexero Law Firm

Speak with an experienced copyright litigation attorney today to learn more about your rights pertaining to this type of litigation. The Lexero Law Firm has many years of experience in dealing with copyright infringement and can help you determine if infringement occurred and how to stop it before permanent damage is done to your business and reputation.