Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Protect your trademark by registering with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Filing a trademark can be a lengthy process, so it is important to file all required paperwork within the time allotted by the USPTO.


Prior to filing trademark paperwork, you must conduct local, state, and federal trademark searches to ensure that your mark is unique and not in use by another business. Since you cannot use marks that are considered too ‘similar’ to marks already in use, the search process can be exhausting.

If your mark is even remotely similar to another registered mark, your registration application may be denied or opposed by a business or individual that believes your mark is too similar to their mark. In this case, the registration process may drag on for months or years.

A thorough search is necessary to avoid registration delays or opposition.

Filing Paperwork

Filing trademark registration paperwork must be done according to the rules outlined by the USPTO. Failure to include the necessary information or image specifications may result in a delay or rejection of the application.

Tracking Trademark Registration

After filing, you must track your application until your trademark is approved. While the USPTO provides online access to your application, failure to check how the process is moving along may result in you missing deadlines for providing additional information or filing a response if the pending trademark faces opposition.

Failure to respond within the time allotted will result in the abandonment or rejection of your application. You will lose the application fee and have to start the process all over again.

Hire The Lexero Law Firm

Instead of going through the long, drawn-out process of trademark registration yourself, consider retaining the services of one of our experienced trademark law attorneys. Let us conduct trademark searches, file registration paperwork, and monitor the process until your trademark is approved. We will keep you informed and respond to any call of action made by the USPTO promptly so you don’t have to.