E-Commerce Law

Doing business on the Internet via your website or other means can be a very efficient and profitable venture. However, there are certain dangers involved in operating online, including cyber-piracy, data protection and potential breaches, copyright infringers, trademark thieves, rogue affiliates/marketers and more. With so many possibilities for problems, knowing that you’ve done the legal groundwork for your business and website is a smart investment. Lexero is experienced in the law of the Internet and can help you protect yourself from the many dangers of online commerce.

Affiliate Marketing

Lexero can assist online marketers or affiliates with their legal concerns. Contact a Washington DC E-Commerce Attorney today!

Website Legal Audits

Did you know that you cannot collect information from children under 13 via your website? There are many laws that govern how a website can and cannot operate. In addition to law, there are “best practices” regarding your privacy policies, terms of service and other site documentation. This is all in addition to concerns about your copyright and trademark rights. Lexero can assist you in drafting your privacy policy and terms of service. The firm can also advise on the best practices for protecting the privacy of your visitors. Having well-written legal policies on your site can save you from a world of trouble in the future.

Online Auctions

Selling via online auctions on eBay or other sites has its share of worries. Illegitimate bidders may outbid your legitimate customers, articles may not be as described, and competitors may work to disparage your good name. Disputes often arise between the auction sites and sellers as to fees, rights, or responsibilities. CyberLaw’s experience in such matters can help you come to a resolution as efficiently as possible. Contact the firm today for a free consultation about your e-commerce legal questions with an experienced Washington DC E-Commerce Lawyer.