Online Auctions Disputes

Online auctions are great ways to find products such as antiques, electronics, clothing, jewelry, audio equipment, and many other items. Unfortunately, while most people are honest and reliable, some participants prey on buyers and sellers by taking payment and failing to send products as promised or by failing to send payment. Other times, products may arrive damaged or completely different from the auction description.

And while most online auction websites like eBay, ubid, weBidz, Beezid, and Auction Fire have conflict resolution programs, the process is slow and may not protect consumers completely. Even though the person who committed online auction fraud may have their buying and selling privileges revoked, you may not see your money or products for some time, if at all.

Types of Online Auction Fraud

Types of online auction fraud include:

  • Not receiving payment after sending product
  • Not receiving product after sending payment
  • Receiving a product different from the one auctioned
  • Unknowingly purchasing/receiving illegal property
  • Receiving a broken or damaged product
  • No return/exchange of product provided
  • Receiving product that is unsafe or unhealthy

Since most auctions provide a limited description, photos, and other information about products for sale, you have to assume the seller is an honest business person. And while most online auction sellers are legitimate, it only takes one or two frauds to spoil the process for everyone.

As a seller, you also assume the buyer will send payment as required.

In addition to online fraud, you may also encounter little or no help from the auction website. If this is the case, you may have to file a court complaint against the website as well.

Settling Online Auction Disputes

You have options when it comes to recovering payments after purchasing or selling items through an online auction. You can file a complaint through the auction website or contact an attorney to represent your interests in and out of court.

Hiring an attorney to contact the buyer or seller may be all you need to resolve an online auction dispute. A well-worded letter that outlines what happened and the next steps may persuade the seller to return your money.

If the buyer or seller refuses or choose not to respond, you may file a complaint in court to compel the seller to return your money.

The Lexero Difference

Hire an attorney with experience in drafting compelling complaint letters to encourage sellers to abide by the product return/refund rules governing the auction website. Lexero attorneys have the experience necessary to provide you the very best counsel when it comes to proving online fraud and getting you the monetary settlement you deserve.