The law firm of Lexero is strategically located in the heart of Washington, D.C., only 4 blocks from the White House, near the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Circuit and within 100 miles of three other Federal Circuits. Lexero is 12 blocks from the Supreme Court of the United States, the U.S. Congress and numerous private technology companies and interest groups.

Despite it’s strategic location, the firm understands that the most important consideration in your matter is getting the right legal advice and resources to one place: where you need them.

To best serve clients, Lexero has numerous strategic alliances with other lawyers and law firms around the nation who can assist in matters that are not geographically local to the Lexero office. These alliances and contacts are in place to ensure that the firm’s clients receive the best possible legal advice from Lexero while still getting the local personal service that their matter deserves.

Many times, however, the firm can assist you in your matter without being geographically local to you or your business. Most of the firm’s clients recognize that an attorney with the technology expertise and experience is their best value for their matter, even if the offices are not directly across the street. ¬†Lexero employs unique electronic communication methods that make many of the firm’s clients feel that the firm IS as close as across the street.

Contact the firm to learn more about how the firm and its alliances can work together to provide you with the experienced legal advice that your matter deserves.