Privacy Policies for Websites

Privacy Policies for Websites


Privacy policies inform visitors to your website of their rights pertaining to the protection of their identity, home or work address, financial records, and other identifiers such as social security number, phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, and banking information.

These policies may also include information about the website’s right to share contact information with third-party companies including marketing firms, email marketers, and other agencies for advertising purposes.

While most websites try their best to protect users, personal information may be leaked by accident or on purpose.

The Importance of Online Privacy

Protecting a user’s identity online is about more than preventing unwanted email or telephone marketing attempts. As technology continues to evolve, it will become easier for cyber criminals to obtain information about your customers such as their address, social security number, credit and banking information from your website.

This is why websites mandate the use of usernames and encrypted passwords to help people protect their identities and account information.

While most websites clearly outline their privacy policies, some do a better job than others. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to write and review these policies from time to time to avoid potential privacy rights violations.

Creating a Privacy Policy

Providing a clear privacy policy for your website is essential if you want to build a reputable online business. Depending on your business, your privacy policy may only be a few paragraphs or it may be many pages.

Website privacy policies not only protect web visitors, but also businesses. Reduce liability for stolen account information by outlining the risks of visiting your website while including important information concerning how visitors should behave on your website help you avoid costly court battles.

Privacy Policy Disputes

If customers have fallen victim of identity theft, cyber stalking, email fraud, or excessive marketing attempts, they may attempt to blame your business and website. Consult an attorney who can help you fight customer complaints filed

If you want to create a complete privacy policy to prevent lawsuits, hire an attorney who can expertly draft a policy that includes all the information necessary to protect you and your visitors.

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