Trademark Office Actions

Trademark Office Actions

In most cases, trademark registration paperwork is approved within a few months. Sometimes, though, registration paperwork is held up due to missing information or when additional information is necessary. When this occurs, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sends a letter referred to as an office action.

Reasons for Office Actions

If you receive an office action letter, there is usually no reason to panic. Reasons for office actions typically include:

  • Correction or clarification of information on your application
  • Additional information about trademark or your business
  • Photo or image issue that needs resolution

In some cases, an office action is used to inform you that your application has been denied. The letter includes reasons for application rejection that you can use to change or improve upon if you plan to resubmit an application at a later date.

Office Action Requirements

Once you receive an office action pertaining to your trademark application, you will have six months to respond. No other letter or notice will be sent. If you miss this deadline, your application will be automatically rejected.

It is very important to follow up on all office action requests immediately to prevent hold ups in the trademark application process.

Trademark Attorneys at Lexero

In addition to registering and monitoring trademark applications, Lexero trademark attorneys will also respond quickly to office action requests. If you have any questions concerning the trademark registration process or you need advice on how to proceed after receiving an office action letter, contact a Lexero trademark lawyer today.