Client Successes

The law firm of Lexero has represented Internet and technology firms in courts and the equally adversarial business world. Whether assisting in unique contractual agreements, engaging in litigation, or helping to forge a legal path, the firm’s clients have successes to show for their decision to retain Lexero. A few of the firm’s successes are offered below. Make the next success story yours by contacting the firm about your legal needs today.

Appellate Advocacy

The Challenge: The D.C. Superior Court ruled that a private party could not bring an action under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Taking Actions: Prior to the formation of Lexero, Attorney Eric Menhart, admitted to D.C. pro hac vice at the time of the action, worked with another attorney to examine the relevant issues using comprehensive legislative history analysis, analyzed legislative intent and worked to make a complicated topic more understandable to courts. Menhart appeared on the brief in the matter.

Successful Result: The court reversed the dismissal of appellant’s complaint and remanded the matter for further proceedings consistent with the opinion. Read the full text of the opinion: Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States, Inc. v. Investors’ Alert, Inc. No. 04-CV-1187 (D.C. 2008).

Business Formation & Protection of Intellectual Property

The Challenge: A start-up web-production group needed advice on forming their corporation, protecting their ideas, and eventually protecting their intellectual property.

Taking Actions: An attorney sat down with the fledgling firm to discuss the needs and cost constraints. Understanding their unique goals, the firm assisted in creating coporate documents, a non-disclosure agreement and a memorandum of understanding that protected the members’ interests and the new firm’s assets. Lexero further assisted the firm by providing advice on registering trademarks and copyrighting the unique work of the group.

Successful Result: The start-up firm continues to grow with the confidence that its valuable intellectual property and interests are protected.

Copyright Licensing

The Challenge: A prominent legal journal wanted to license its contents to authors who provided articles and other third parties. The journal needed to protect its copyrights and collect fees for the various licenses it was willing to grant, without alientating potential licensees.

Taking Action: Lexero carefully listened to the client’s needs. Discussing license fee arrangements, Lexero assisted the client in creating three types of license agreeements and pay structures that would appeal to the different types of potential licensees.

Successful Result: Knowing that their intellectual property was protected, the client could confidently use the different license agreeements while still maintaining consistency in their numerous thid party contracts and internal filing systems. The different options for licensing the content meant that more licensees made the transition from “potential” licensees to substantive customers. More customers for the journal’s content benefitted the journal’s bottom line.

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