Terms of Service for Websites

Terms of Service for Websites


An effective terms of service page for a website outlines the types of services offered, payment terms, late fees and penalties, return/refund policy, length of service, and other information related to providing services to customers, clients, vendors, and others.

Without a clear outline of terms of services, those who visit your website may be unaware of how to return/exchange items, how to make a payment, or the penalties involved in making late payments, or missing a payment.

It is up to you as the owner of a business to communicate terms of service to avoid complaints, lawsuits, or costly settlements.

Make People Aware of Your Terms of Service

Making sure visitors to your website can easily find the terms of service page is the first step in keeping people informed. Create a tab at the top of your website or require customers to read the terms of service when making a purchase.

Many websites require customers to verify they have read the terms outlined by checking a verification box during check-out. While this is not always necessary, it helps make people aware that specific terms of service pertain to the goods and services purchased.

Consult an attorney to review or draft the terms of service before adding it to your website. An experienced attorney can ensure all terms are clearly explained.

Contact Lexero

If a complaint has been filed against your business, an attorney from the Lexero Law Firm can advise you in how to proceed. Our attorneys can also help draft a terms of service policy or review your current policy.