Website Legal Audits

Website Legal Audits

Make sure your website is protected from copyright and trademark infringement, and includes well-written terms of service and privacy policy pages to ward off frivolous lawsuits and complaints.

The laws that govern the Internet are constantly evolving. Adhering to these laws while protecting your business can be tricky and complicated.

Allowing an attorney experienced in Internet law to review your website and suggest changes to policy pages can save you a lot in potential legal fees.

What is a Website Legal Audit?

From drafting a privacy policy to reviewing how your website captures email addresses, an Internet lawyer can make your website safer for visitors, customers, and prevent lawsuits and complaints against your company.

A website legal audit includes full review of your website – from logging in to reviewing terms of service pages, customer return/exchange policies, affiliate marketing services, marketing and third-party advertising policies, and other information posted.

Benefits of a Website Audit

In addition to improving on existing website policies, other benefits of a website legal audit include:

  • Peace of mind that your business is protected
  • Increased customer and visitor confidence to make purchases on your site
  • Build a solid business reputation online
  • Increase sales or membership by providing a safe place for customers to open and maintain accounts
  • Adhere to current Internet laws

Contact the Lexero Law Firm

The Lexero Law Firm can help you by conducting a legal audit or your website and making suggestions as to how you can improve the policies included. Our expert attorneys can also help expand on existing policies or help draft new ones to avoid complaints or lawsuits from visitors, customers, and others.