Correct Call on Cell Phones in Sky

  The FCC has announced that the current rule banning cell phone usage during flight will remain in effect until possible "future consideration."   This decision, seemingly an easy one, is unquestionably the right policy. The primary argument for allowing wireless phones on commercial flights during air travel is grounded in a "pro-business" argument. The only business that would Read More

Apple Reduces DRM in iTunes

  In a move that will be welcomed by consumers, Apple announced that it would offer certain files from a major record label without the digital rights management (DRM) typically included on files downloaded from iTunes. “Digital rights management” refers to certain protections placed on digital files that prevents consumers from modifying them or easily sharing them with others. DRM is widely considered to be Read More

What is the CyberLawg?

  What is the "CyberLawg?" TM   CyberLaw + Blog = CyberLawg TM   This is the place to find recent and salient news and commentary on all issues of technology law. If you find the CyberLawg useful and interesting, please bookmark or "social bookmark" the site, using the links on each post. Doing so allows others to find our news and analysis designed to make the world of Read More