Hackers Target US Networks


About 140 foreign intelligence organizations are trying to
hack into the computer networks of the U.S.
government and U.S.
companies, a top counterintelligence official has reported. The official, Joel Brenner,
warned that hackers could create chaos by manipulating information in
electronic systems the government, military and private industry rely on.


The number of hackers worldwide has been growing at an
alarming rate. Even more alarming is the continued ineffective policies of United States
security provisions. While governments such as France
and others are taking positive steps to improve their security, the U.S.
has inefficient laws that take a “reactive” stance.


Particularly given the United
States’ status as a primary hacking target, U.S. law and
policy must be more “proactive” in finding such organizations. More particularly,
the U.S.
must understand that cutting the finding sources for these groups will provide
a good start.


Bottom Line: The United State
must understand that the next September 11th type of attack will be
electronically based. Setting standards of security for networks and critical
computer systems is not a convenience, but a necessity.

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