Trademark Protection Obligations

Trademark Protection Obligations

After registering your trademark with state and federal agencies, you need to take certain steps to maintain trademark properties.

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Use Your Trademark Often

The strongest trademarks are used very extensively by the owner. The mark should be on your letterhead, business cards, e-mail signatures, and anywhere else it may be appropriately used. A mark is strongest when it is recognized by most people in your marketplace, whether it be local, national, or worldwide.

Your trademark should be as strong as possible, while still allowing you to market effectively.

Finally, you should be aware of similar marks that are already in existence. You cannot later allege that a mark is closely related when the mark was in existence at the time of your filing.

Be Consistent in Using the Trademark

Be consistent with the style, font type, lettering, color and related features. A mark that is in constant flux cannot be sufficiently unique to maintain its copyright protection. Major changes in a mark must be protected by submitting a trademark applications as necessary.

Remain Diligent about Protecting Your Trademark

Once a trademark is registered, it is up to you to ensure that other businesses and individuals do not use the mark. You have a duty to make good-faith efforts to protect business marks. This includes actively searching for infringers and otherwise putting the public on notice of your work.

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