DMCA Attorney

DMCA Attorney

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was created to protect the rights of those who publish content online. Content typically includes, but is not limited to, web pages, original articles, webcasts, video, graphics, logos, music and other online communication materials. Under the DMCA, businesses and individuals have the right to stop other businesses and individuals from using copyrighted items they legally own.

As digital media continues to expand and thrive, more and more businesses are creating materials for online viewing. This means having a thorough understanding of copyright law as it pertains to the Internet is imperative for the survival of any online business.

Hire a knowledgeable DMCA attorney before you need one – especially if your business relies on the Internet to reach and educate customers.

Overview of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1998. The act combines the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. Both treaties sought to protect the rights of written and verbal content as well as music and other types of performance recordings from being used without the owner’s permission.

The DMCA identifies the types of content protected as well as exceptions to the law that allow non-profit organizations such as libraries and academic institutions to publish certain content on their websites for educational, public use or archival purposes.

The act also identifies the roles and responsibilities of Internet Service Providers in the event a subscriber unlawfully uses or sells digital content they do not legally own.

While the DMCA was designed to help protect intellectual property posted online, without the help of a lawyer skilled in copyright law or in the minute details of the DMCA, most people cannot adequately defend themselves against accusations of theft or adequately protect their intellectual property from being uses illegally.

Online Copyright Laws

As the Internet continues to expand, so do the laws protecting intellectual property such as web sites, articles, products, music, graphic designs, logos and other items owed by businesses and individuals.

An experienced copyright attorney provides guidance and advice in many areas of copyright law including:

  • Ways to copyright intellectual property
  • Ways to protect copyrighted material
  • Criteria for copyright infringement
  • Filing a dispute against a business or individual
  • Proving ownership of intellectual property
  • Negotiating a settlement

Internet copyright laws were created to protect your ideas, products, concepts and business materials such as a company logo, trademark, music or other property.

Don’t let someone else profit from your success – contact a DMCA attorney from Lexero today to review your case or to provide guidance and counsel if just starting an online business.