Trademark Attorney

Building a brand people know and trust takes time and effort. To build a brand, you must create a word, phrase, slogan, graphic, picture, or other type of image that people will remember and associate again and again with your business.

But what if you accidentally use an image or slogan or phrase already in use by another established business? What if another business uses your trademark?

Can you afford an ugly court battle?

Trademark Registration and Monitoring

Trademark attorneys can assist you in a variety of ways. From verifying a trademark is available for use to providing legal counsel and representation if you become involved in trademark infringement litigation, an experienced attorney provides valuable guidance in all aspects of trademark law including:

  • Conducting comprehensive trademark searches to ensure your business can legally register a mark or marks
  • Trademark Registration – Files trademark paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Trademark Monitoring  – Monitors the use of the mark to ensure quick resolution if another business or individual uses the mark without your permission
  • Trademark Office Actions  – Works with the USPTO to resolve any issues during the trademark registration process
  • Trademark Oppositions – Resolves any opposition to the impending trademark by a business or individual
  • Trademark Cancellations – Represents your interests if another person petitions to cancel your registered trademark or you want to petition the cancellation of a trademark
  • Trademark Infringement – Builds a case against a business or individual that used your trademark without your permission

As you can see, registering and monitoring your trademark are just a few of the many valuable services a trademark lawyer can provide. Gain peace of mind and total protection of your brand by retaining the services of an attorney who understands your needs.

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